The Perfect Lighting To Add Drama To Any Space

home decoratingLighting is one of those final touches in any room that can take it from one level to the next, so it’s important that you put just as much care and thought into choosing it as you would any other piece of furniture. Lighting can truly change the mood of a room, so picking the perfect fixture(s) can do wonders. You’ll have to consider plenty of things about the space you want to add lights like the existing design elements and flow in addition to functional things like the size of the room, the size of the fixture and even how high or low the ceiling is. This will help you figure out the perfect lighting to use in any given space, and where it should go. Every space in your home can benefit from the right lights to add a touch of glamour or warmth!

How Are You Using It?

The most important consideration you’ll have to make when choosing lighting for your space i going to be the way you plan on making use of the light in your space. Lights are used for different reasons in every space, some being functional while others more ambient or environmental. A light in a study or a kitchen won’t serve the same function as one in a living room, so keeping this in mind will help you figure whether a large piece is needed or several smaller lights like wall sconces. A light needed for function can still add aesthetic drama to your space, it just might have to be placed in a particular way to serve both functions.

How Bright?

The kind of light you use is important as well, as some will be dimmer or brighter than others. We generally associate dimmer lights with warmth, drama and character so remember that having various settings and dimmers is always an option. Though you might need brighter lights at one point during the day or night, having the option to dim them down adds to the drama in a big way.

How Big?

The size of your lighting will also have great affect on how well it works in your space. For the most part, if the space you’re decorating is large it would make more sense to have a larger light as well. But how large? This will depend not only on the size of the space, but the layout as well. How high will the light be? How far away from other design elements will it sit? These are all important questions that you’ll need to consider before deciding the type of lighting that will go there.

How Many?

There are plenty of spaces that benefit greatly from having on large statement piece like a chandelier or pendant lamp there, but there are tons of others that are better suited to having multiple lighting fixtures like pot lights, floor lamps and combinations of all of them. Don’t feel restricted to one lighting type per room, because they can all be used in different ways and serve different functions.