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Choosing Art For Any Room In Your Home

choosing art

Choosing Art that works for a space can really tie a room together, adding the final touch to any space in your house. You might already have artwork that is close to your heart you might want to put up in your space, but there’s plenty of things you need to consider when choosing what type of artwork will go where. This is especially important if you’re starting from scratch, and need to buy several pieces to redesign your home.

Think Size & Shape

Of course, the size and shape when choosing art itself but of the room you plan to put it in will have a great impact on if the two will work well together. For larger rooms, you can gravitate towards larger pieces to fill the room, but don’t go overboard! There will be plenty of times when less will truly be more, and sticking with one or a few large statement pieces will work much better than having a gallery wall or a whole shelf full of sculptures. Frames can make paintings, photos and prints that much larger than they are, so keep this in mind when choose what will go where. This is particularly important in spaces you plan to have multiple pieces of wall art, such as a gallery wall, since all of the frames have to be able to fit and work together in one area.

Know When To Say No

As much as you might love a piece, you have to know when to leave something behind if it won’t be cohesive with the art that you have already. Rooms can look cluttered very quickly, so it’s important that you can sense when to stop adding more pieces. Think of interior design much in the way that you do fashion, often times over accessorizing can make a space look messy and not polished, so consider that when you’re putting everything together.

Pick The Perfect Spot

The look of a piece of art and how it looks in a room can change dramatically based on where it’s placed in a space. It’s important to hang artwork at the best height based on its size, since many people actually hang them far too high. Maintain eye level so anyone who looks at it doesn’t have to strain their neck at all to do so. If it’s a space where guests will normally be sitting down, you can even go a little bit lower since eye level will have to take being seated into consideration.

Be Unique When Choosing Art

There are plenty of tips on the “types” of art that work best in a home, depending on the style, the size of the space and so much more but it’s imperative that you follow your gut with your art choices. Art, after all, is a reflection of your personal tastes. Don’t hesitate to add colour, content, textures and prints that break the rules. And think beyond wall art, there’s plenty of sculptures and even rugs that can make just as much of a statement as a framed painting of photograph.