Fresh Kitchen Ideas For 2017

Fresh Kitchen Ideas For 2017

Often times, the kitchen is the social centre of your home. From homework, cooking & family meals to entertaining guests, this is a part of the home that serves plenty of purpose. It’s important to understand the ways we use our own kitchens in order to figure out the kinds of additions and details that work best. We think it’s in your best interest to figure out what it is you love about your kitchen, and where you see opportunities to do something new so that you can get the outcome you’re looking for! Here are just a few fresh kitchen ideas for 2017.

Warm Woods

Whether it’s oak, mahogany or cedar, adding in wood detailing is always in style for any kitchen. It’s one of the best and fastest ways to add warmth, even in a modern kitchen that is otherwise filled with chrome, steel and fiberglass.

Old World Appeal

It might be a new year, but old world detailing is definitely here to stay in 2017. Amidst all of the more monochromatic, streamlined and glossy modern looks, there’s something to be said for the rustic appeal of weathered steel, vintage items and reclaimed wood.

Tuxedo Cabinets

While most cabinets tend to all be the same colour, the next trends involve switching up the colour palette just a little bit. Known as Tuxedo cabinets, you have the choice of sticking with a more traditional black and white scheme; but you don’t have to stick to that. Feel free to use other light and dark combinations such as navy blue and light grey to give you just enough contrast without it being too harsh. Try the darker colour on the top with the lighter colour on the bottom cabinets to create a great balance in your space. This will draw the eyes up towards the upper cabinets as well as make the space look much larger in the process.

Fresh Kitchen Ideas For 2017

Hidden Appliances

While steel and chrome appliances aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, the next wave are fridges and even stoves that much more easily blend into the rest of the kitchen’s decor so it looks a lot more seamless. Think of fridge doors that faced with materials to match cabinets or even countertops and go from there. This is a great detail to have in a kitchen that you entertain in. Once the cooking and preparing is complete, the kitchen can then become an unobstructed space to entertain your guests and so much more.

Mixed Metals

Just like with appliances, chrome finishes are the default go-to for most kitchens and while that can be a timeless look, we’re seeing more and more homeowners picking fixtures with all types of finishes. Think copper, pewter, gold and even rose gold for sinks and faucets, cabinet pulls and handles, ovens and range hoods, fridges and all types of accessories. Using these kinds of finishes instead of more traditional ones like chrome and stainless steel can give any kitchen a truly one-of-a-kind look. If you’re a little bit more on the eclectic side, this is a great option so that you’re kitchen is a perfect match for your personality.