Creating The Perfect Breakfast Nook

breakfast nook bay windowA breakfast nook is one of the best things you can add or design into a kitchen since it can be such a relaxing and versatile space. It’s important to think about the ways it can take your kitchen to the next level, as well as how functional it is. When doing a full renovation in a kitchen space, you should know beforehand if you want to add one in to your home – and how. Here are just a handful of ways you can go about creating the perfect breakfast nook.

Make A Separate Booth Area

The great thing about home renovation is that you can expand and change the layout of your kitchen space to add in things like a whole separate booth for a breakfast nook. You can opt to slightly section it off from the rest of the kitchen, preferably right next to a window, door or otherwise bright space. It doesn’t have to be a walled partition either! A large bay window in a section can serve as the 3 “walls” of a booth, much like in a restaurant or other eatery. A bench with cozy seating can gather around a small table for a much more intimate feel.