Designing Every Nook In Your Home

wall-house-window-loft-largeNooks might be some of the best features in a home, full of character and presenting a fun new design challenge. It can be tricky to decide what to do with these spaces, but once you have a good idea of how it can only add to the space it’s in, it’s an exciting addition to nearly any space. In almost any room in your home, you can design the nook in such a way that makes it much more than an empty space in your room. Here are just a few ways!

Kitchen Bistro

Having a nook in the kitchen is the best way to have some extra eating space when you don’t necessarily want to eat at a large dining table. Add a table with seating like a dining bench or banquette so you can enjoy a small snack or morning coffee. You can also stick a TV in this space to make your nook the

Choose Bold Art

Small spaces benefit a lot from big, bold art pieces to draw your eye to it right away. In spaces like a living room, it’s a great place to make a statement and almost have a room with a room to work with.

Go With Wallpaper

Nooks don’t always give you tons of space,  so it’s important to keep it neat and organized so it doesn’t look like a mess. Smaller spaces can become easily cluttered, so it’s important to get creative with storage as well as have a general minimalist approach to the space to begin with.

First Impressions Count

Depending on where the nook is located, the way you use it might change dramatically. For example, if the nook is close to the entryway of your home, think about what you want visitors to see when they entire your home. Everything from the furniture to the fabrics and prints you choose will set the tone for the rest of the house.

Add Curtains