Bathroom Game Changers

Untitled-10While every bathroom is different, there are instances where you want to make the most of the space you currently have without making the bathroom larger per se. During any type of renovations, you have to make decisions about which spaces to expand, but this will inevitably encroach on another part of the space that’s adjacent or close by. You might not always want to cut down one space or another, but just make the existing space function in a much more fluid and succinct way. Here are just a few ways that you can give your bathroom space more flow without having to add more space: bathroom game changers!

Wall-Mounted Fixtures

This might sound unheard of mainly because it hasn’t been seen commonly. These toilets put the tanks behind the wall and allow the seat to jut out enough to accommodate use. Removing the tank alone might only save a few inches of space, but it can be a lot in the grand scheme of things you will later be able to add or include because of the extra wiggle room. You can also mount other fixtures like faucets to save precious counter space. This also frees up where you can position said faucet to beyond just in the middle of the sink. You can free up even more counter space this way.

Sunken Cabinets

No matter your bathroom size, your counters are destined to get cluttered in some way or another. Often times, medicine cabinets can jut out into a bathroom space and take up more space than we realize. Adding more of these cabinets then becomes very difficult, even if you need the extra storage. Having these cabinets recessed into the walls makes it much easier to add more storage if you so need, and also much easier to keep this storage hidden from visitors who might be just a bit nosy!