Design Advice

Working With Tall Walls & High Ceilings

tall ceilings decorateHigh ceilings and the tall walls that come with it are an important in many homes, whether it’s throughout the whole home or just in large, open spaces like a foyer or living room. As grandiose as they can be, it can become a bit tricky when it comes time to decorate the space considering how much space you have to cover. It will be important to consider the perspective and lines of sight over the scale of the whole wall, so you can decide what goes where since you definitely can’t leave such a large, empty space. Here are just a few tips on deal with high ceilings and decorating the tall walls underneath them.
You can use wooden trim to add visual and architectural interest to a tall wall, taking it from bland to having artwork infused right into it. Consider the type of wood that is in the rest of the space and go from there with it. With something as highly textured as wood, you don’t need any extra accoutrements to take it to the next level, as it’s already giving the space a three-dimensional twist.

Add Stone