Organizing The Perfect Garage

perfect garageOften when it comes to home renovations, we tend to think about the places inside the home that most people will see on a regular basis. We often forget about these other areas that are just as important, like a garage space! It might not be a part of the home that we consider right away, but it’s organization might be a major important key in making sure the rest of the house functions the best that it can. Do more than dump all your unwanted stuff in your garage and follow these tips to make sure it’s one of the most organized spaces in your home.

How Will You Use It?

Your perfect garage doesn’t have to be just for storage, you’re free to use the space however makes the most sense to you! Remember that you can always use the space for a combination of things, of which storage can just be one part. Do you plan on using it as a workspace? Is your laundry located close by? Maybe it can serve as an alternate space for artwork, meeting areas and other things that might be a bit too messy for inside your home? Custom home renovations open up a whole world of options and you can have any combination of layouts that you truly want.

Store Upward

One of the best ways to use nearly any space, not just a garage, is to use height to your advantage as much as you possibly can. Think about the ways you can use the height of the ceilings to benefit your storage needs with boxes and even built-in storage from your custom renovation. It will be important to decide what you’ll need most often as well as think about the weight of these items when you start the scale the heights of your space. Things that you might only need once a year can go at the very top of any shelving you have in your perfect garage space, and also make sure heavier items are not stored higher than waist-level. Once you have everything organized like that, you’ll find yourself with much more floor space for other items.

Like With Like

Obviously it’s important to keep similar items together so you have a much easier time of finding them when you need them. Try not to place everything so far flung from each other that their placement in the space makes no sense. Think of your garage as an extension of the interior of your home. You living spaces, bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms are most likely immaculately decorated and organized, so think of your garage in the same way.

Labels, Labels and More Labels

This isn’t always the most glamorous part of organizing, but it can be! As many items and you will likely have stored away in various boxes, going through a bunch to get a specific item will likely be a big inconvenience. Think about creative ways to denote what is actually inside all of the boxes, whether that’s by using translucent boxes or writing what’s inside said box on place cards or directly on the box, so you can stay organized as to what’s in it.