Making The Most Of Your Balcony

No matter the size, a balcony is always a great addition to any space. It’s a great way to bring more of the outdoors right into your space, as you can add tons of greenery to it not to mention the fresh air that flows in from it. There are plenty of ways to make the most of your balcony so whether it has always been there or it’s a new addition to your home, it doesn’t go to waste.

Plan It Out

Not every balcony is created equally so think about the ways you want to use your balcony and go form there. Do you want it to be mainly for show, or for function? Or both? You can have an equal mix of storage, seating and beauty in any balcony space.

Make It Flow

It’s important to remember that a balcony is attached to an adjacent indoor room, and acts as somewhat of an extension of it. You don’t need to carry the exact same looks from the indoor space to the outdoor, but think about the ways the balcony can be treated as another corner of the space. For example, a balcony from a master bedroom suite can serve as a reading nook or even a spot to catch a breeze-filled nap.

Get Personal

Even for a smaller balcony, it’s possible to put your personal design stamp on it so it reflects your tastes and style! Try colours, eclectic add-ons and accessories or whatever combination you like in the same ways you would try indoors. A balcony doesn’t always have to look like a bistro or a garden; it can be decorated exactly the way you want.

Make Space For Greenery

One of the best things about a balcony is the ways you are able to incorporate plant-life into the space. Whether it’s a pop of colour or a lovely scent, having plants around is great for any space. A balcony is a great place to have a mini-garden of a wide variety of plants and flowers that flourish in direct sunlight. You could even grow fruits and vegetables while you’re at it.

Use Lightweight Pieces

A balcony doesn’t need heavy furniture to have an impactful look. You’re more likely to be short on space and also you don’t want to block a great view by adding too many pieces. Stick with lightweight patio furniture that is comfortable without being too overwhelming.

Think From The Inside Out

It will be important to keep in mind how your balcony will look when you’re standing in the indoor space that backs onto it. The balcony might be the pathway to an amazing view, so it’s important not to block the space with too many pieces of furniture or accessories.