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Organizing Tips That Work In Any Part Of The House

Having everything in your home be organized can sometimes be an arduous task, especially if you’re home is on the large side of things. Once you get it all under control, however, it’s a wonderful feeling! Here are a few tips to help you get to organizing every room in your home.

Active vs. Passive Areas

organized kitchenThe difference between these areas really is how often they’re used in your home. Make use of the spaces you use a bit less often, like guest rooms, garages, extremely high shelves and the back of closets to store things that are also used slightly less often. Putting items you need on a constant basis in these out-of-the-way places just doesn’t make sense; and neither does putting items like spare lightbulbs in a constantly used kitchen drawer since you’ll only need to change one every few months.

Beautify Open Storage

While some things can be shut away in closed up storage, you also need a good combination of open storage as well. Open storage offers you a world of possibilities like shelves in a living space. This is a great place to display and store books, art and other aesthetically pleasing objects like a stack of films and even board games. In a kitchen, open shelving is a great place to put bright tea mugs and sets of beautiful drinking glasses – keep the tupperware for the closed storage.

Make Things Easy To Find

bookshelf stairsObviously when you put something away, the hope is that you’ll also be able to quickly pull it out again when you need it most. Use clear containers so you know exactly what’s inside it, and don’t have to go digging around different ones to find what you’re looking for. If there’s no clear containers large enough for what you have to store, be sure to label everything clearly. Also, try baskets and the like so you can just glance and know what’s in it as well.

Divide & Conquer

Another great tactic in keeping things organized is dividers and other mini organizers that keep any kind of larger space that’s prone to clutter much more structured. A dresser drawer, for example, is one place that many people simply throw items into because it’s faster and easier than folding or keeping it all separate on your own. Use these small dividers in places like this, just like how most top kitchen drawers have a cutlery organizer to keep everything in its place. For small, household items, it’s important to make sure they don’t get lost among tons of other clutter.

Think Upwards

Sometimes there just isn’t enough space to keep everything we want to store, but there’s usually plenty of it if you just think vertically. Shelving, risers, and wall-mounted holders can do wonders for your storage situation, and create space you never knew you had!

Go Bigger Near The Bottom

This is mainly for your own safety, but it’s always a much better idea to store your heaviest items closer to the floor. Carrying heavy items from overhead or while coming down a stepladder is dangerous and should be avoided. Try to keep these types of items stored at or below waist height.