Is Your Home Ready For Patio Season?

outdoor patio seating patio seasonAs the weather starts to warm up, the outdoor space around your home is starting to become just as important as the inside. Homeowners will likely spend more of their time outside, so it makes sense that decks and patios will become more of a priority. Getting your outdoor spaces ready for “patio season” is sometimes easier said than done, and having a custom home renovation to bring you closer to your desired final product is a step many more homeowners are willing to take. So how do you make sure your home is ready for patio season?

outdoor kitchen patio seasonDecide On A Layout

It’s important  for you to have a clear vision of what you want your patio and deck space to look like before starting on any type of renovation. Since it’s such a large area, you can decide on various layouts and break it up into different smaller areas based on how you plan to use it. Will your backyard also include a pool? Will the deck have multiple levels? This is also the stage you need to decide on how much green space you want on your patio, and if you’re looking to maintain a full garden or include water fixtures. These features are a bit more difficult to change, add in or remove once the renovation has begun, so think about how you’re most likely going to use the space as a barometer for how it should be laid out!

Do You Need An Outdoor Kitchen?

One of the most important activities you’ll likely do on your patio is eat and drink, so having an area dedicated to making food makes perfect sense. Depending on how your home is set up, you might have a patio that leads directly into your kitchen – but may not. To keep you from having to walk back and forth with food and drinks, having an outdoor kitchen and food prep workspace alongside a BBQ is a great addition. Think about the convenience this type of addition will add to your space and plan accordingly. Having an outdoor kitchen only adds value to your patio, and will likely be in use for years to come.outdoor kitchen patio season

Choose Your Furniture

When choosing patio furniture, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. Firstly, obviously remember that these items are going to be outside – and though you might put it under some type of awning or gazebo, it will essentially be fully exposed to the elements like strong UV rays and heavy rains. Be sure to choose fabrics and colours that stand up well in any type of weather, and don’t change too much due to traditional wear & tear. Think materials like, cotton and canvas for textiles and accessories like pillows and cushions; since both are so easy to clean if something spills on them. Wood is great for tables and the base of chairs, but they will require appropriate coatings and finishes to stand up to the outdoors – so keep this in mind.