Eco-Friendly Interiors

stairs-home-loft-lifestyle-largeFor many homeowners, there is much more pressure for their space to now be environmentally friendly as well as beautiful for a number of reasons. Whether it’s to save on their own utility bills or just lessen their own ecological footprint, the push towards eco-friendly interiors is on the rise. But what exactly does that mean? There are many ways to think in a more environmentally conscious way when decorating your home without having to compromise your style and general look of the space.

Think Organic

Making your home more eco friendly includes the materials you choose to use in your furniture and accessories. Look for items made from materials like reclaimed wood, glass and recyclable materials like bamboo and steel. This may need some extra research and finding, but there are also couches with soy-based foams, for example. As important as the main material is, the coatings also have an effect on how environmentally friendly it is. Look out for paints and finishes that are free of toxins like formaldehyde volatile organic compound glues. With accessories, it’s much easier to do this seeing as they’re reasonably smaller items than large furniture, so do your due diligence and find out just what the items you put in your home are made of.

Let Sunlight Be Your Guidebed-1158272_960_720

Another great way to create a space that’s environmentally friendly is to make the most of sunlight in your home. You can include additional windows during a home renovation, allowing them to face the south direction to enjoy enough sunlight. Skylights are also a great way to maximize daylight and bring more into your home. Using natural day light in lieu of room lighting can not only save you money on electrical bills, but also lessen the amount of emissions and potential UV damage that can be done by electrical lighting – especially fluorescent. Many people tend to leave lights on in their home on a constant basis, especially overhead ambient light, so relying on a natural source and accommodating it with large enough windows is one way to cut back on that particular habit.

Go Green

While you can call this whole initiative going green, we specifically mean adding more green space into your home. Having more plant life can do everything from purify the air to set a particular mood in a room, so don’t be afraid to bring more of the outside world indoors with a variety of houseplants.

Stay Energy Efficient12

This should go without saying but, it’s important to aim for energy efficient appliances in every room of your house to cut down on emissions of various kinds coming from your home as well as save you money on utility bills in the long run. From ovens, stoves and refrigerators to lightbulbs,  furnaces and other heating/cooling systems, it’s all about finding appliances that can do the same amount of work using less energy and creating less emissions and other waste after the fact.

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