Using Colour To Create Peace In Your Home

kitchen with blue tilesColour is one of the most powerful ways to set a mood in a space, so it’s no surprise there’s a colour to create peace in any room. Whether we realize it right away or not, different colours have a variety of affects on your brains and emotions – so much so that restaurants, hospitals and gyms all tend to stay in a respective range of colours that make us hungrier (reds and browns), make us think of cleanliness and security (blues and white) and energize us (yellows and oranges.) Shades, tones, variations and combinations can all change the way we perceive a colour and the space it’s in, so it’s important to choose wisely especially if you’re considering a new wall colour or main colour scheme. Generally, these colour choices are a very real reflection of our personality but they can have different effects on people across age groups, genders & so much more.

Creating a sense of tranquility is important for spaces where you need to unwind. Whole your entire home could arguably be that for you, your bedroom, master bathroom or ensuite and living space are likely to be the two places you need a relaxing environment the most. This is why it’s important to understand the psychology behind different colours to see just how it may affect your mood in the long run – especially if it’s a space you spend a lot of your time at home in.Pantone serenity

Blue is probably the most ideal colour for creating peace and tranquility in a space, as its said to reduce blood pressure as well as slow down the heart rate. It’s closely associated with ideas of relaxation and serenity and works expertly well in bedrooms and bathrooms. Feel free to play with different shades of blue that can evoke different feelings but be sure to balance it out with some warmer colours in your furnishings and textiles.

Think about warmer blues like turquoise or periwinkle for social areas like family rooms. It’s always more calming to go for softer and slightly lighter shades as opposed to dark blues like navy blue – at least when thinking about your main wall and decor colour.

Green is another great choice for creating a calmer atmosphere in a space, as its thought of as the most “restful” colour for the eye and a great colour to encourage the brain to relax. It’s the perfect combination of yellow’s cheerfulness and blue’s refreshing nature, and works pretty much anywhere in the home. In busier more high-traffic areas of the home, it can slow things down a bit while creating the perfect relaxing atmosphere in spaces like bedrooms. It conveys the feeling of unwinding, it’s still warm enough to be cozy at the same time.

Purple is a rich colour for creating peace that has close ties to creativity, so its perfect in spaces that are meant to not only be relaxing but also inspiring.

When choosing a colour of the walls, it’s important not to neglect the ceiling. Think of it as a “fifth wall” in your space and don’t be afraid to infuse it with a bit of colour. Think of lighter colours to make the ceiling feel a bit higher and make the space feel even more open which can add to a more calm feeling.