Taking The Plunge With All-White Decor

all-white kitchen bar stools black accentDecorating with all-white can be a tricky experience for homeowners for many reasons. Not only can it create a feeling of formalness in a space, but it can also become repetitive when using the same colour over and over again. It’s important to remember there’s a plethora of ways you can use white in your space that won’t make a space look bland or like it was impossible to relax in. Here are just a few ways you can take the plunge with all-white decor.

Embrace Shades of White – But Be Careful

Not all versions of a colour are created equal, so it’s important to remember these variations in tone when decorating. Warmer or cooler undertones can make all the difference, and shades that lean a bit closer to beige or grey can add dimension to your all white space. Still, be aware of these differences and understand that not every version of white will always blend with each other. These differences will add dimension to your space, but be aware of the undertones of the shades of white you’re choosing so they don’t look strange together.


Consider Including White Upholsterywhite-bathroom-renovation

Fabric and upholstery is one of the reasons homeowners feel iffy about white. It’s a tone that shows everything from scratches to stains, which adds to the feeling of formality in the space. In this case, it will be important to think about the type of material you plan to use depending on your lifestyle and how the spaces are used. Faux leather, faux suede, khaki and white denim are perfect for high traffic homes with pets and kids, whereas silkier or brocade fabrics that are harder to clean are much less ideal. It’s much less about the colour, and more about the way it will be used in the long run. Don’t be afraid to play with textures or prints in white so that you can create visual interest and depth to the space.

Hang Eye-Catching Art
All white spaces provide the perfect opportunity to make artwork the focal centre of the room. This is probably one o the best things about white monochromatic spaces, and they are the perfect backdrop to dynamic and engaging artwork, sculptures of other attention-grabbing details. Similar to an art gallery, the focus is on the piece instead of everything around it. Since the white walls will make it reminiscent of an art space or gallery, don’t be afraid to include spotlights and lamps that specifically illuminate the piece.

all-white bedroom hanging artUse Colours Carefully

As striking as an all white space can be, you can always add to it by using even a little bit of colour. Whether it’s accent pieces, subtle details or a large accent wall, adding a strong, vibrant colour can create all the visual interest you need; especially if you feel as though all-white decor lacks personality in some ways. A great way to do this effectively is to choose bright colours for the staple pieces in the room. A dining room, for example, is focused on the table and chairs. Instead of choose all white for both, think outside the box and get non-matching chairs to complete the look.


Much like with artwork, all-white decor is the perfect opportunity to add in great accessories. Whether they tie in with the white theme of the space, come in accent or eclectic shades or a combination of all of them – these are the pieces that will take your space from good to great. Think interesting pieces vs. mundane or subtle, as the line of site will go directly to them with all-white decor around it, so they need to be worth seeing.