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Why You Should Infuse More Greenery Into Your Home

living room flowers on tableOne of the best ways to add those final touches to any space in your home is to introduce more plant life into it. No matter the room, everywhere in your home can benefit from different types of flowers, houseplants and greens to bring more of the outdoors into your home. Plants can serve a variety of purposes in your home from air purification to adding a light scent to a room. 

Floral arrangements or planted flowers work in virtually any room, with the type of flowers dependant on the placement of the arrangement as well as how much sunlight naturally enters the room. Depending on how much light is in a particular room, you can have planters with an array of flowers from roses and orchids to hydrangeas or lilies to add an elegant touch. While some homeowners opt for a faux counterpart, consider live greenery to add more life to your space. If you don’t want to go with potted flowers, try having a rotation of fresh floral arrangements for a burst of colour in your space. That way, you can try a few different types of flowers to see which scents, colours and shapes you like best in your home. This also gives you the freedom to change your arrangements depending on the season.Living Room Sofa With Book And Flower home interior decoration

Some may shy away from adding plant life into their homes out of fear of not being able to maintain them – which is a fair concern. There are a wide variety of low-maintenance plants that need minimal watering and just need to be near sunlight. Succulents are perfect for this and they come in an array of sizes, shapes and textures. These plants can go without watering for up to two weeks, which is perfect for homeowners with an extremely busy lifestyle who may not have the time to dedicate to tending to plants.

living room plant tableOther great low maintenance plants are Mass Canes, a large floor plant known specifically for its ability to purify the air. Bathrooms in particular are great places to put plants, as long as they’re the type that thrive in occasional humidity. Adding plants like Aloe Vera and Eucalyptus are perfect for creating a spa-like atmosphere in any bathroom, as the scents have calming effects.

Believe it or not, placing plants strategically in a home or office can actually offer a sort of noise reduction, with leafy green plants able to muffle some noise and add to the calm and peacefulness of your home. Houseplants can also help to get rid of compounds in the air like cigarette smoke, as well as the aftereffects of other household items like cleaners. They can also help greatly with maintaining focus and stress reduction; great for home workspaces and those who use them frequently.

No matter what type of plant you add, it’s important to think of them as decorative mainstays in your home and doing your best to take care of them.