Innovative Home Storage

A place for everything and everything in its place

It’s no secret that storage solutions  are vital to the way a room flows and functions. Regardless of what type of room or space you’re in, it’s always important to have designated areas for all the accessories and other extras that could potentially be in it.

Boxes & Trunksunnamed-11 

Storage boxes, storage tables, vintage trunks & ottomans are a great storage option in spaces like living rooms and bedrooms where they can do double duty as decor. Having accessories that also work as functional storage is important in rooms where you may not want to break up the aesthetic with shelving or wall units. It’s important to take into consideration the look and style of the room before choosing which types of accessories will work best. In addition, think about what items you’ll need more frequently, and which can go into deeper storage while still being accessible-albeit with a bit more effort. Stacked trunks, for example, can be a great place to store living room throws and other linens, photo albums and other items that are good to have on hand, but you don’t necessarily need on a daily basis.

Built-In Storage17

Kitchens in particular benefit greatly from built in storage – as most already have rows of cabinets as the standard. Adding in floor to ceiling storage in any kitchen will do much to maximize the extra space around your appliances. This will also allow you to use your space even more efficiently, keeping certain essential items at eye level while using the whole range of space to store other items in higher spots. Cooking ware that is seldom used can be stored in farther or higher parts of a taller cabinet, freeing up the most accessible areas for items you use daily. Built-ins help you maximize heights and taller ceilings when it comes to storage – a key in organization and efficient use of space. Built in shelving in living rooms and dining rooms can eliminate the need for additional furniture like wall units and standing cabinets, which works especially well in more modern spaces. This type of storage greatly frees up the floor space for more interesting furniture layouts without having to cater to a large unit meant specifically for storage or display. Having built-in shelves in a living room, for example, is a great way to show off your collections and accessories in a way that doesn’t impede on the rest of the space. If it includes covered cabinet doors or drawers, it’s also a great place to hide

Charming-Subzero-Fridge-home-remodel-Traditional-Kitchen-BostonHidden & Custom Storage

One of the best storage options for your home is hidden storage. Much like built-in storage, it’s just as much a part of the design of your home as your doors or windows. The main difference is in its design it appears to blend in perfectly with all the fixtures around it. This allows you to have visual harmony in a space, not breaking it up without new materials or elements except for in small spurts. It’s important to know exactly what the final look of your space will be so you can create a plan ahead to customize any additional storage to match it. This type of storage could work in virtually any room where you want to maintain a specific look; particularly if you’re going for a modern minimalist aesthetic.

Whichever method you choose, be sure to find the one(or ones) that work best for you in any one of the spaces in your home.