Why You Should Consider A Vanity

white and gold vanity gold mirrorOne of the most luxurious additions to any bedroom, master suite bathroom or walk-in closet is a vanity; a well-lit space with a large mirror,  plush seating and plenty of table and storage space for all your skincare, beauty and wellness essentials. More than just a place to get ready, a vanity can add a truly personal touch to any space. In any of these spaces, a vanity area adds much higher value to the overall aesthetic. Just like with any type of custom home renovation, it’s important to take a few different factors into consideration before deciding that it can work for you.


Even though we’re used to seeing vanities in more traditional or contemporary styles, that doesn’t mean yours has to be as well. Modern aesthetics work just as well when you’re choosing the pieces that will bring it together. Find pieces that speak to the aesthetic you want to bring to your vanity, and be sure that they correlate somewhat with the space is exists in.

Space & Layout

It’s important to have an understanding of exactly what space you want your vanity to occupy. Many bathroom and bedroom spaces have smaller nook areas that work perfectly for these types of additions, while in other areas of your home you may have to essentially create that visual separation with furniture placement. Inside a walk-in closet, for example, there may not be carved out free space for he addition of a table and seating, so take advantage of what’s already there. There may be ledge space, mirrors throughout or other small details that can already accommodate a vanity.

Mirror & Lightingdark wood vanity double mirror

Lighting will be one of the most important parts of your vanity, as you generally need great lighting when getting ready. Whether you opt for quintessential round vanity table bulbs with softening effects or other lighting like standing or overhead lamps or fluorescent lights, well-placed lighting will make the world of difference on how the space turns out. The type of mirror you get will also direct the look of the space, and you can take design cues from the type of mirror you get to determine what the rest of the area will look like (and vice versa).


When choosing the seating for your vanity, be sure to consider comfort first; as it’s a spot you’re likely to be sitting for a while. Keep the style and aesthetic in mind and find seating that makes sense in terms of the sizing of the rest of the items, like the table and mirror.