How To Keep Dark Wood Spaces Balanced

Spaces decorated with darker wood might read as drab to some, but it can create a strong dynamic in any space with its warm, rich qualities. Mahogany, walnut, and dark oak cabinetry or doors give kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms an intimate and luxurious feel; particularly when coupled with great detailing and design. A large focal pieces of furniture in dark wood gives the same feel, but offers a bit more flexibility in terms of how the rest of the room comes together.

It’s possible to create balance in these spaces in a few different ways. Firstly, by including white and other light colours in the decor, focusing on larger pieces that will draw the eye towards it, you’ll create an interesting visual landscape to work with, work around and add to. Consider the flow of the room when choosing those bright accent pieces and be sure to include these balancing features at different levels; from floor, to eye level, to ceiling.

Also remember to take advantage of great lighting to keep these spaces from becoming too heavy. Chandeliers of various sizes, pot lights, floor & table lamps, track lighting and skylights are all great ways to create a balanced space when using lots of dark wood features.

Speaking of skylights, natural light in general is an excellent way to keep these spaces from looking too “stuffy.” Large foyers, eating areas and great rooms with large bay windows are the best contenders when planning to use dark wood fixtures in a space.

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