Barstools That Will Change Your Kitchen

black studded bar stoolBarstools are becoming more and more of a mainstay in kitchens. no longer relegated to in home wine cellars and built-in basement bars. There is such variety when it comes to bar stools, and it really comes down to your personal taste as well as the mood you’re going for in your particular kitchen. In country-inspired kitchens, wicker, weaved or wooden stools can come in more up scale styles that fit right into the rest of the space, while modern kitchens benefit from lucite, steel or leather upholstered stools with chrome finishes, curved lines, adjustable heights and chrome or other bright metallic finishes. Rustic kitchens provide the perfect backdrop for industrial barstools, and classic or contemporary kitchens work very well with fabric upholstered styles and designs with a more chair-like look with more height.

The most common places barstools are used in the kitchen are to create informal seating around an island. As islands are typically taller than traditional kitchen tables, so too does the seating have the match its height, and barstools tend to offer the perfect pairing for this purpose. Having seating around your kitchen island creates a space not only for serving or preparing food, but also as a breakfast (or lunch!) bar that can be used in lieu of your dining room or larger kitchen table. This also creates a great central social hub in your kitchen space, and provides extra seating when entertaining in kitchens that open into another living space.


black studded leather barstoolIt’s  also possible to use barstools as your actual dining chairs, particularly at larger and taller tables. Using bar stools for dining coupled with taller-than-usual kitchen tables are best in modern spaces, taking advantage of the designs’ ability to play with and change perspectives and item sizing. For many, chairs offer the type of back support they’re used to; making stools seem inappropriate for this type of formal seating.

white barstoolsFortunately, there’s a wide array of stool designs that see it’s more traditional back-less design as well as looks that pull elements from chair designs; with fully high backs in fabric upholstered designs that take kitchen chairs to new heights.

Though the standard barstool height is 30″, there’s also a variety of heights and shapes that make it easily adaptable to a wider range of kitchen looks. No matter what style speaks to you the most, including them in your kitchen space is sure to change the look of that space forever.