Modern Bedroom Designs

Bedrooms are undoubtedly the most intimate spaces in any home, giving us a space for not only sleeping but living, working, studying & more. Bedrooms should typically be the most reflective of the owner’s personal style, creating a feeling that’s more like a personal sanctuary than just a room in a house. While most advice calls for warmer tones, drama and heavy detailing in bedrooms, modern design aesthetics can work perfectly in these spaces also. Curves, clean lines and a slight lean towards minimalism are just a few things that make modern bedroom spaces great.

Bed Placement
Symmetry is often important in modern spaces, and while it’s not necessary for both sides of the room to be exact mirrors of each other, making an attempt at some sort of balance is a good place to start. Platform beds are the quintessential modern sleeping quarters that you can station against a central wall or in the middle of the floor and create space all around it. Headboards are optional, but if they’re used they should embody the clean lined and simplistic aesthetic. Also consider multi-duty headboards with lots of shelving or slots that extend outside the width of the mattress and can also serve as a nightstand, book and accessory storage.

Other Furniture & Use Of Space
Typically, modern furniture is very minimalist in appearance; letting artwork and accessories do the talking instead of ornate detailing. Again, clean lines are of the essence and it’s important to use space well. Built-in pieces and tall items are perfect for these types of bedroom designs, and keeping the bed placement in mind, try to create slight balance around it with larger and small furniture pieces. Try to create room-with-a-room spaces for larger bedrooms, such as sitting areas and work spaces.

Use Of Natural Light
Some of the best modern spaces have access to great natural light, as it cuts down the need for extra lighting like lamps, track lights that could potentially clash with the aesthetic. Large bay windows, skylights and taking advantage of sloped windows can have a great effect on how your modern bedroom design turns out.

Colour & Pattern
Keep colours cool, calm & collected by using whites and greys as the base for not only the walls, but the furniture as well. While modern doesn’t always mean monochromatic, it definitely benefits from very few colours in combination. Focus on accent colours that pop against larger segments of more muted tones. Don’t shy away from using this accent shade in furniture as well, allowing one large item like a bed or armoire to be the statement piece in the room. The same is true for patterns. Don’t shy away from them, but use them sparingly in a way that maintains balance with the rest of the room.

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