Adding A Chaise Lounge To Your Decor

Rest and relaxation are integral things to take into account when designing comfortable living spaces. In any bedroom for example, a bed that meets all your needs in both quality and comfort will be the room’s anchor; tying all the stylistic elements together.  The same can be done with a chaise lounge; perfect for the times you need to kick back, but are not ready to retreat to bed quite yet.

These loungers whose name is derived from “long chair” in French are exactly that: chair-like seating with tons of extra legroom. Having a chaise lounge in any space immediately creates an atmosphere perfect for relaxation, conversation, meditation, a short nap and otherwise de-stressing when you’re not quite ready to call it a night.

From ancient royalty to starlets of classic hollywood, these chairs have long been associated with luxury; adding an extra touch of glamour to bedrooms, great rooms, living rooms, and other spaces. Because of this close association with glitz and opulence, the plush and ornate styles immediately come to mind, causing some to dismiss it as a possible addition to their spaces. However, they also appear in sleek, modern and sculpted incarnations; with stylish options that can fit a wide variety of design types from traditional to modern. Available in everything from leather and velvet to sturdier wicker or fiberglass versions, there is truly a chaise lounge to suit everyone’s design needs.

Their unique shape also provides a great opportunity for fresh and creative decor placement, giving you the option to make it the focal point of the space or a complement to another distinctive piece of furniture.

All in all, don’t be afraid to consider adding a charming chaise lounge to any space.

all white room chaise lounge

blue chaise lounge

beige leather chaise lounge

white room line green chaise lounge