Adding Natural Stone Walls To Your Home

Nothing incorporates the look of the outdoors like including natural stone tiling on the walls of your home. Most often seen as an exterior detail, the addition of a natural stone wall inside your home is an eye-catching element that can fill any room with a touch of old world charm after your next custom home renovation. Highly textured and charismatic, this type of detailing works in almost any space to add a rustic element, but works particularly well in kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms. Natural stone walls give any room a more earthy feel and add an eco-friendly aspect to your home. The rich texture is not only visually appealing but actually provides great sound absorption, particularly in high-traffic areas like a family room or kitchen.

Typically, slate, limestone, brick, sandstone and coral stone are the most commonly used to bring these stone walls to life and are most often seen in traditional designs, although they also work perfectly in other types of spaces as well. In modern, open concept spaces like lofts, uniform stones like brick work extremely well as they create a balance of ruggedness against the clean lines, while at the same time mimicking it with form and continuity. Large stones of varying shapes, sizes and materials work almost anywhere, but be sure to tailor how much of the detail you include depending on the look you’re going for in your home renovation. In a basement, using lots of this detailing is perfect if you’re trying to create a cellar or cold room; but in other parts of your home you may not want to bring this same mood to it, which is why it’s important to use it as a central statement piece. With stone walls, the texture is the star of the show; so be sure the space also has great lighting that makes it the focal point of the room. This is especially easy to do in rooms that feature a fireplace, as this is one of the most popular treatments in the area around it.

The colours your use in your space will typically determine the type of stone that works well with it. Stones like slate, with it’s deep grey tones, work with nearly any colour palette while coral stone works best in rooms with lighter, muted tones. You might pull inspiration from the stone detailing first, and in that case should pick a complimentary palette based on that.

Consider adding a natural stone wall to your home in your next custom home renovation, and bring more of nature into your space.
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