Bringing Global Inspiration Into Your Home

Inspiration for our homes can come from any corner of the world, particularly the ones we’ve already been to. Seeing interiors and art from any continent can give you a lot to work with when you return home. Bringing our travels back with us is much more than just a passport stamp and it’s easy to bring a few simple international touches into your space to satisfy some of your wanderlust without having to board a plane. Whenever possible, buying items directly from the part of the world that inspires you the most is ideal; and the sentimental value will make it a mainstay in your space for years to come. Here’s how you can bring a bit of global inspiration and around-the-world flair into your home.

Framed Art

Art from different regions have different styles and showcasing them is a great way to bring the essence of that region into your home. From contemporary, to abstract and everything in between, you can hang individual pieces or create a gallery of different sizes and artists. You can also include enlarged and professionally printed versions of your own travel photography to showcase your personal connection to the places you’ve been.


Maps in varying sizes serve as a great conversation piece no matter how it’s displayed. Large-scale maps can hang on walls, while smaller maps can be set under glass on a coffee table or other surface. You can always add subtle touches that ramp up the personal value of these maps; such as push pins or passport stamp overlays that highlight where on the map you’ve travelled to and where you want to go next.


These items are what people tend to bring home most often from their travels; small accessories that are perfect for mantles, tabletops and bookshelves. From artifact-inspired sculptures to bowls and vases, these trinkets can be another way to bring global elements into your space without creating an overwhelming “theme”

Imported Furniture

Carrying a full chaise-lounge with you after a trip is a bit impractical, so if you see a large piece of furniture you love; ask about online purchasing and delivery options for when you get back home. There are also many stores, both online and retail locations, that specialize in luxurious imported items so the difficult part if already handled for you.


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Fabrics and textiles are some of the easiest things to bring back with you from your travels, as they’re light enough to fit into your luggage. Whether used as rugs, throws, hanging wall art or to create other items, using authentic textiles in an otherwise modern space is a subtle way to bring these elements into your home.
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