Bringing Texture Into Your Home

No matter the colour choice for your space, a great addition to any design is the use of texture not only in your fabrics and furniture, but on the walls of your rooms. Using both three dimensional methods as well as techniques that give the appearance of texture while remaining largely flat, there’s many ways to infuse this element into spaces in your home.

Tiles & Other Materials

Tiling is a great way to add texture and visual interest in a space. Mosaic tiles, for example, offer the unique opportunity to incorporate multiple tones and colours together in a single area. Mostly used in bathrooms and kitchens, it’s possible to bring this feature into spaces like bedrooms and living rooms as a central focal point (like a fireplace) to create something both contemporary and timeless.

Stone/brick tiling and wooden panelling are also great options to add texture and work particularly well in spaces with a rustic feel to it.

Wall treatments

The difference between a two and three-dimensional wall sometimes can come down to the tools used. Depending on the look you’re hoping to achieve, drywall compound added to your walls can be moulded by a variety of instruments. Raised circles, lines and grooves, impressions of organic shapes and materials can all be achieved by using various brush sizes, fine tools, and fabrics.

For an approach that gives you the visual appeal of texture without the additional drywall, techniques like sponging, fabric impressions, speciality texture tools such as wood grain brushes, and textured paints can all take you there.

Wallpaper & Other Detailing

Finishing touches such as crown moulding are another way to add texture to otherwise flat areas. These small additions can make the world of difference in a space, especially if it’s monochromatic.

Additionally, many textured wallpapers exist in a variety of colours, patterns and shapes that can perfectly match the mood of the rest of your space. In lieu of wallpaper, you can also use actual fabric to achieve a similar look and, most importantly, feel.

natural stone wall red tile bathroom standing tub grey traditional bathroom neutral living room