Gold Accents: Your Secret Weapon

Whether they’re subtle hints or bold splashes, the bright & lustrous tones of gold can work in almost any room or style to take your space to new, luxurious heights. Long held as a sign of luxury and royalty, detailing like leafing and other embellishments in this shiny hue creates an air of sophistication like no other. A timeless tone, gold’s richness can add complexities to otherwise monochromatic spaces be they light or dark.

Gone are the days when chrome and stainless steel are your only options for fixture finishes, as gold faucets and handles can take bathrooms from everyday to bold in-home spa. In kitchen spaces, gold detailing provides a different kind of modernity and a new, warmer take on metallics. Working well in room with vintage appeal, using gold provides a bold new way to bring dimension as you have the choice of using glossy or more muted and matte textures, separately or together. With accessories, you have the most freedom with using gold. From mirror and art frames, to vases and other side table additions, it’s simple to add pops of glamour to your home. Upholstery, furniture and fabric accessories like pillows can also bring gold flair into any space. Fabrics like leather can come in muted gold tones or have subtle gold detailing woven in, screen printed or sewn on for a more subdued approach. Don’t be afraid to use gold-toned paints on walls, entrance frames and crown moulding to add texture and pattern regardless of your colour palette. Gold works well with virtually any shade, from warm to cool tons, neutral tones and everything in between. Lighting is another great way to bring gold into your home, whether they be fixed lighting like chandeliers in a kitchen or standing lamps in a living room space.

With so many ways to incorporate gold into your home, it’s up to you which approach you want to take. Don’t be afraid os using different types, as Rose Gold is the current tone du jour, and mixing it with white gold, chrome or silver can work surprisingly well when done well.

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