How To Make Grey Work In Any Room

Grey is actually a much more versatile colour than many of us realize, just like most neutrals. With so many shade options, the possibilities are endless when completing a custom home renovation.Grey works in each and every design style, giving a polished look in traditional or contemporary rooms and taking on an industrial feel in modern spaces.  A colour that represents peace and balance, its equal parts edgy and timeless. Here’s how to make grey work in any room.

Being a colour that is neither black nor white, it allows bright accent colours to stand out without the harsh contrast that might occur with the other two. Grey acts as a backdrop to other more engaging aspects of your room in a variety of colours. This might be in the form of furniture, artwork, or other smaller accessories. Grey allows these pieces to be the focal point of the room, whether you’re a minimalist or a collector of things; everything will have a chance to shine.

With grey, you have to pay attention to the undertones and shade of grey to see which accent colours will work best. Most shades of grey aren’t an exact combination of just black and white, thus not a “true grey”. Most exist on a scale of cool to warm, with a variety of undertone shades along the spectrum.

Charcoal greys with brown undertones actually work well with white accents, typically in the form of trim or crown moulding. It pairs well with bright, bold colours like citrusy oranges, reds, and deep purples and royal blues. Lighter greys with blue undertones play well with lighter pastel pinks, blues and yellows, as well as white to create bright and airy spaces.

Remember the mood you’re hoping to set in a room and this will also determine what shade of grey will work best. Rooms where the goal is a light, airy and feminine feel will benefit most from a very light shade of grey. Tones like this also work well in family rooms and bedrooms. Pale greys also work well in home offices as it lends itself to a clean, modern look. Darker, charcoal greys are associated with sophistication, and rightly so. The colour works well in stately master bedrooms, dining rooms, and libraries; where their elegant and dramatic appeal will be the most appreciated.

With grey, it’s important to pay close attention to how they play with light and in a space. Darker greys in particular can become overwhelming if you’re not careful, giving the room an unintentionally heavy feel. Having great light sources provides balance to rooms like this. Lighter greys will benefit from this too, as the tone will reflect light & add a bit of dimension as well as make the room feel even larger.

As straightforward as white and beige walls can be as neutral tones, consider grey in your next custom home renovation for a space that’s on-trend while remaining timeless.

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