Infusing Old World Charm Into Your Home

For many, homes are reflections of both the present as well as pieces of the past. Elements of our current tastes can be mixed with details, treatments, colours, furniture and fabrics that reflect a by-gone era. Whether it’s a place & time period in which you have fond memories, or an era whose style you’ve always been enamoured with, infusing vintage elements and old world charm into your space can give you a sense of individuality and familiarity.

Mediterranean-inspired rooms, particularly common spaces like kitchens and great rooms, have always created a certain coziness; even in larger spaces, setting a mood as decadent as the food of the region it draws inspiration from.

With details like stone walls and distressed but intricate wood furniture in light and dark tones, these spaces tell the stories of vintage luxury as well as simplicity, warmth, and classical elements. A palette of warm, muted tones give these spaces a family-friendly feel, along with architectural features like wooden ceiling beams and arched windows and doorways that balance the masculine edges with softer elements.

Rich fabrics in deep tones and oversized patterns can tie these rooms together; and minor detailing like fringe or beading create a “multi layer” look that continues to convey a message of warmth.

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