Knowing When To Break The Rules

All visual-based work plays to a number of design rules and tips that create balance, flow and cohesion, and interior design is no different. However, knowing when to break the rules (or, just bend them) is just as important as knowing the rules in the first place. As notions of function for specific spaces change with time, the way we approach how these areas are adorned change right along with it. Today’s modern will be tomorrow’s vintage, so allowing yourself some flexibility when it comes to ideas is important in order to have a space that truly reflects you. Here are just a few rules you should consider breaking (or just bending a little) in 2015.

“Don’t Mix Old & New”

This adage is losing steam more and more as people begin to have a greater appreciation for vintage furniture, treatments, fabrics and details. Pops of unique vintage items routinely appear on an otherwise modern backdrop, offering a unique balance of styles.

“Only Add A Pop of Colour”

Monochromatic rooms can still be dynamic without the use of a stronger accent colour. Varying hues that exist on a similar palette can still offer the same visual interest as one that plays with multiple colours. Try warmer and cooler tones within the same range of colours to create a space that is cohesive and otherwise calming.

“Never Mix Patterns”

This can be a bit tricky, but the key is the find an element that links the prints together in some way. Colour, shapes, large or small variants of the same actual pattern are just some of the similarities you can keep an eye out for when looking to mix patterns. Particular in spaces that are otherwise monochromatic, mixing patterns offers some of the “pop” you might get from adding in another colour.

It’s important to have a strong vision of what you want your space to look like. This will help guide you to which rules to stick to; and which ones to break.

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