Statement Making Shades To Use Besides Black

When you want to make a bold statement in a room, picking a rich, dark tone is one of the best ways to go about it. There are spaces in which using black works perfectly, mixing well with other details in the room and providing a striking base to work with. For other rooms where you want to maintain the warmth of a dark shade, black may not be a good match. For spaces that could benefit from a dark shade but black doesn’t quite make the cut, consider one of these other options for statement making shades to use.

Navy Blue

Perfect for rooms with a nautical edge, navy blue encompasses much of the impact that black provides without the rigidness. It makes white accents truly stand out and creates a combination that appeals to both masculine and feminine sensibilities.

Forest Green

Deep green shades add upscale flare to your space without being overbearing. They pair well with other deep and neutral tones and are a perfect shade for large, comfy furniture and upholstery.

Chocolate Brown

Deep chocolatey brown has played the background to varying shades of grey lately, but making this classic shade work in traditional and modern spaces is much easier than one would think. Pairing well with natural dark wood fixtures and furniture, it carries the warmth of the wood throughout the entire room and provides a great balance to vibrant accent colours such as orange and red.


This deep, dark red tone is just as closely associated with regalness as with comfort, speaking directly to luxury and pairing best with detailing like gold and wood. Balanced well with white and other neutral shades, put great thought into other colours that will work well with this shade. When chosen for upholstery, it’s rich tone in the right fabric will let you skip the accent pillows


The closest to “off black” among the options, grey is a great choices when black provides too much of a stark contrast with your accent colour. Charcoal grey is the perfect choice to create a cozy and inviting feel in bedroom and living spaces, while cool greys with slight blue undertones work best in kitchens and bathrooms as they convey simplicity and cleanness while still working well with vibrant accent colours and dynamic finishes like chrome and high-gloss.

Whatever colour you end up using, be sure it matches the mood you’re looking to create in the space, as dark colours can alter the general feel of a space dramatically.hunter green living room purple chair monochromatic living room