How A Monochromatic Palette Can Work For You

In any space, the colour scheme is one of the most important aesthetic aspects of the design. It’s likely the first of many things people will notice as soon as they enter a room or area of your home. With many sources and opinions on trendy colour schemes that seem to change constantly, it can be difficult to pinpoint one colour that not only suits your personal tastes, but also reflects current style and interior design trends so you can get the most out of your custom home renovation.

One of the best ways to alleviate some of this pressure is by choosing a colour you love and sticking to a monochromatic palette; mixing varying tones of that shade throughout the wall paint, furniture, accessories and more. Not only are these looks sophisticated, but easy to create and modify between different styles, as well as new accessory and furniture trends. By remaining in the same range of colours, it’s also easier to mix a wider range of inspirations. Having a modern space with old-world detailing and vintage flair with a monochromatic palette will be much less visually jarring and create more of a succinct flow in the space.

Monochromatic looks create cohesion in a space, bringing everything together in a unique way. Matching the undertones of the items will be of great importance, as some hues may lean toward opposite ends of the colour spectrum and may clash if you aren’t careful.

With a monochromatic colour palette, you are also more free to play with both patterns and textures; as they become the star of your design. Without having to worry about matching the colour aspect, you’re free to play with shapes a lot more.

You may go into the process unsure of which hue to go with, but find an item that kicks off the inspiration for your space – be it a piece of art, furniture or small accessory – and go from there in terms of choosing your colour palette. This will ensure not only that your inspiration piece will fit perfectly into your new space, but that everything will be connected in some way to the colour you eventually choose.
neutral living room grey dining room all white modern kitchen