Design Predictions For 2016

In our last post, we spoke about the colour palettes predicted to make their way into many spaces for 2016, but what about everything else? Colours can always be swapped and revamped to change up a space, while most statement pieces should last more than just a few seasons. Still, it’s never a bad idea to spruce up different rooms in your home with a custom home renovation, and where better to get inspiration than current trend forecasts? Check out our design predictions for 2016

Big, Comfy Sectional Seating
A mainstay of living rooms of the past, the focus has returned to comfort in main living spaces. Where formal, futuristic and slightly impractical seating dominated in recent years, large statement-making but comfortable sofas and lounges have come back in a major way.

Traditional Tables With Modern Seating
Playing with the balance between the old and new can be a disaster if you’re not careful, however, pairing sleek modern seating with rustic tables is a timeless combination that really works. Bringing traditional and modern styles together, particularly in kitchen spaces, plays to a kitchen’s reliance on function as well as comfort; as it tends to be the social centre of any home.

Vintage Tubs
Free-standing tubs are already popular with homeowners, and often times this means tubs with a vintage appeal. While many modern tubs have clean but curvy lines to create spa-inspired bathrooms, more intricately styled tubs have become much more prominent; even in spaces that are otherwise contemporary in style.

Library as Decor
While some homes have rooms that serve this specific purpose, most integrate book collections into living rooms, great rooms or bedrooms. Using books as decor provides visual interest in a way that a painted wall may not. This is also a great way to make use of smaller nooks like underneath stairs or a large windowsill that could serve as seating.

4-Post Beds
By no means a new trend, variations of the 4 post bed have been around for thousands of years, however they have come back into prominence in recently and will continue to do so into 2016. With the increase in sectioning off bedrooms into work, living and sleeping spaces as well as the rise of open concept spaces like lofts, 4 post bed provide the feeling of privacy; with the implied idea of walls creating a distinction from the rest of the space.

No matter what rooms in your home you’re looking to update, there’s an on-trend look for every taste that you should consider for your next custom home renovation.

four post bed
sectional sofa