2016 Colour Predictions

Each upcoming year brings with it new trends and a wide array of possibilities, especially for interiors. Combinations & palettes change slightly from year to year, and with 2015 more than half way over, colour authority PANTONE® has already offered up their 2016 colour predictions to give homeowners fresh ideas for their next custom home renovation.

  • An array of warm, muted tones pulled from nature from soft rosy pink to deep beige will make a return in a major way. Smoky tones like various shades of grey will create great backdrops in just about any room, especially with the right accent colour.
  • Opposites attract as chrome metallics, bright sun-filled yellow and deep royal blue form an unlikely trio. Calmer versions of this combinations can give a space an ancient or Hellenistic feel.
  • Quiet pastel shades of blues, corals and yellows blend together for a light & airy palette, ideal in guest bathrooms and kitchens.
  • A strong mixture of navy blue, black & deep tan play alongside green hues and bright accent colours to create a look that will truly stand out. These tones will work perfectly in living rooms and dining rooms, particularly when looking to create a regal or stately effect.
  • From oxblood, royal purples to deep greens, jewel tones in rich textiles will make many appearances in 2016, adding drama and depth into spaces like bedrooms and living rooms.
  • Joyous shades of bright yellows and greens will be mixed with oranges, pinks and corals, creating a palette perfect for kitchens and living rooms. It’s important to choose one of these tones are the dominant hue, and let the other ones act at the accent.
  • Blues & blue-greens take their cues from vacation destinations, bringing the heart of the ocean into your home. Perfect for bright bedrooms and living rooms, these tones bring the freedom of the outdoors inside;
  • Eclectic patterns and exciting colours like deep purples and mandarin red continue their resurgence, appearing most often in rooms inspired by the boho aesthetic, a mix of the rich tones and textiles found in across Asia, The Middle East and Northern Africa

No matter which palettes you choose, be sure they properly convey the mood or message of your space. Consider some of these predictions for your next custom home renovation & have the spaces you’ve always dreamed of.

white and neutral bedroomjewel toned rooms