Adding Luxury to Your Bathroom with a Free Standing Tub

When most people envision luxurious bathrooms, typically they picture a more open concept space along with an intricate free-standing soaker tub. As more people are looking to create relaxing environments within their own home, they are becoming more prominent as a design option.

These tubs take center stage in these spa-inspired spaces, acting as a statement piece and focal point of the bathroom. They act more as a unique piece of furniture as opposed to just a fixture, with the ability to have a closer tie to your chosen design style. These tubs work in a wide variety of materials, from wood or acrylic, cast iron or fiberglass, to copper or enamel. From sleek and modern tubs to more vintage influenced types with ornate leg bases, the style possibilities are endless.

When choosing a freestanding tub, you also need to consider how you’ll fit a shower into your bathroom as well. Two popular solutions include having a separate standing shower in the bathroom along with the soaker tub as well as adding a extendable shower head to the soaker tub and – depending on the tubs location – partially enclosing it with a shower curtain the same way you would a standard built-in tub.

Another option is something straight from a spa and includes creating a “wet room” of sorts by placing the free-standing tub inside an extra-large walk-in standing shower. A wooden bench can also be included, either built-in or purchased separately, to create your own personal sauna.

Whatever your preference, make sure your soaker tub works with your space, both stylistically and logistically, as weight may be a factor in determining where it can go in a multi-level home.

free standing tub bathroom

freestanding tub bathrooms

freestanding tub bathrooms

POSTED: July 20, 2015

Lisa Maida, Designer