Stairways: Your Home’s Main Street

As important as the rooms are in any home, the open spaces that connect them serve just as much importance. Hallways and staircases are the veins of any multi-level home and their design should be able to either blend in with the look and feel of the rest of the home. Conversely, a stairway can take on a life all its own and create a brand new ambience; serving as the fantastic entryways to your stellar foyers, bedrooms, great rooms, and kitchens.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with textures, lighting, artwork, bannisters and the shape of the steps; keeping in mind what your space and every life calls for. These areas are a really easy way to tie all the rooms in the home together; using elements and subtle detailing of multiple spaces to create a cohesive look between all the areas in your space.

Keep in mind these spaces still rely heavily on function so while creativity is key, it’s vital to keep purpose and your specific lifestyle in mind. A staircase without a bannister would work for short heights, but not so much for tall, winding stairs. Floating glass stairs may look lovely in a modern space with an open concept, but is a poor match for a home with small children.

stairway stairway

stairway  stairway

stairway  stairway


POSTED: June 23, 2015

Lisa Maida, Designer