Using Barn Doors as a Statement in Interior Design

Barn doors add character and style to any space in your home and have successfully make a comeback in interior design. Barn doors were, of course, originally found on barns. Using barn doors at home is a common practice of architects, designers, and homeowners whose aim is to create a better “flow” without sacrificing the ability to partition spaces for private use. Where floor space is limited, barn doors are an ideal solution.

Barn doors are notable for their distinctive use of space. Rather than hang on vertical hinges and swing open, they go on horizontal tracks and roll open, remaining relatively flat against adjoining walls. Since the weight of a barn door is distributed over the width of its track, a heavier- or larger-than-usual door can be accommodated.

Salvaged and reclaimed barn doors are the most popular. They’re wanted for their weathered look which adds character to the décor and looks authentic. The whole point of using barn doors in interior design is to get a rustic and charming look & feel.

Let’s say you’d like to make your master bathroom look a little more inviting and feel cozier. You can do all that by installing barn doors to the bathroom.
If those old and robust barn doors don’t really fit in your sleek, contemporary home, you can adapt the concept to your own style. Get modern barn doors to match the rest of the décor. Barn doors are also excellent for hiding items that you do not want visible.


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POSTED: June 18.2105

Lisa Maida, Designer