Skylights: The Perfect Fixture

Lighting in a room can sometimes be an afterthought, but it’s an important design aspect that can determine the mood or feel of a space. Bright lights can energize a room that’s meant for lots of activity, while dim lights can create a warm, relaxed and intimate feeling elsewhere.

Not only is natural light good for your personal well-being, it can be the perfect focal point of a room and a dramatic design element. Bringing more of the outside world into your home with skylights also makes a great conversation piece, both day and night.

Allowing natural light to act as this main source of lighting in a space with well-placed skylights allows you to take advantage of bright and dim tones and the mood it creates, obviously depending on the time of day. Working best with bright, airy, open concept spaces with high ceilings, skylights add a new dimension to your home and makes natural light the star of the design. Skylights can, for example, infuse a chic, luxury hotel-inspired element into an otherwise lovely bathroom. Consider spaces in your home that typically don’t get much natural light and see if it may be beneficial to open it up.

skylight-in-interior-designSpaces with white fixtures and furniture are made to feel even more airy with the addition of one large or multiple skylights, while darker spaces become balanced and feel more welcoming.

Skylights don’t always have to be a substitute for other types of lighting; as they work well with smaller, dimmable track lighting or pot lights, particularly when it’s dark outside.As with anything, be sure the skylight matches the flow and function of the space you’re looking to use it in, get planning and enjoy.


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POSTED:  JUNE 7.2015

Lisa Maida, Designer