Decks are Hot!

out patio deckYou may already know that decks are hot. Homeowners are building them and renovating them more than ever.  Decks are a smart investment and your home is your biggest investment -It’s an even better investment if you add a deck.  Experts say you can realize a 100 percent return on your investment. Homebuyers these days want houses with decks. There are practical reasons: Decks expand a home’s living space. Plus, they give you countless ways to relax and have fun.

A good deck transports you to another world, or at the very least extends your living space outdoors. It allows you to project yourself into a landscape without destroying it ― for example, by doing away with the need for fill around trees, which a terrace would require. A truly great deck is suited to the site and delights the eye. As these examples show, a deck can capture a view, turn even a tiny sunlit space into an outdoor room, and expand the feeling of spaciousness by helping the boundaries between indoors and outdoors disappear. With so many materials and techniques now available, the only limit is at the edge of your imagination.

So, whether you’re building a deck or renovating one, you can be sure you’re participating in an amazing trend.

circular deck outdoor


outdoor patio deck


POSTED: June 3.15

Lisa Maida, Designer