Use Paint to Spruce Up Your Dated Home

Is your home in need of a little face lift? Designer tips on how you can bring life back to your home in a simple easy way by using paint to spruce up your home!

Re-painting your walls will always give your home a fresh new look. If you are not sure where to begin with colour, not to worry! A quick guide to consider before choosing your next paint colour…

  • What mood are you looking to set in the space? Do you want the space to feel more dramatic or relaxing? Having a bold colour gives a dramatic affect whereas a neutral pastel will be more warm and inviting.
  • Consider lighting. Natural daylight always shows the truest colour whereas incandescent light will bring out more warm tones. When you have a space with a lot of natural light a bold colour will translate in a way that is overpowering.
  • Pick paint from a palette that compliments the colour scheme you have in your space! From cabinetry, furniture to your art work or even your rug.
  • Every paint colour has a primary undertone. It is important to denote what hues you are seeing. For example, you can find off-white paints that have a yellow undertone as well as a green undertone.

See a few of our selections of Benjamin Moore paints as a guide to help you pick your next paint colour! HAPPY PAINTING!


red paint bucket and brushp

POSTED:  May 19, 2015
Lisa Maida, Designer