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Traditional Interiors

Traditional interiors is a style commonly defined as classical, old-world style.

With strong architectural details, traditional interiors often reflects a place in time. This style is quite versatile and can be combined with other interior elements to create a unique look in a room. One of the most important facets of traditional interior design is the silhouettes, also called the lines, of the furnishings. Although elegant, traditional interior design often also emphasizes simplicity and comfort in its layout. This is often done to create a sense of symmetry around a focal point, such as a favorite work of art, a fireplace, or a large piece of furniture.

Walls are typically painted neutral colors to visually ground the elaborate furnishings.

Fabrics often come in solid colors, but many also feature patterns such as florals, damasks, or paisleys. These textiles are often expensive materials like silk, velvet, or cashmere.

Rich tones are another key element in traditional interior design. Dark woods like cherry, maple, and mahogany are typically used in furniture pieces of this style.

traditional interiors bedroom
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 Lisa Maida, Designer