Outdoor Kitchens are Nothing New

Summer time means!

  • Deliciously grilled food
  • Making memories with family and friends
  • Spending time outdoors

Outdoor kitchens encompass all three so don’t be stuck inside this summer! The past 10 years have seen an explosion of outdoor kitchens and products that transform the backyard into a party pad, family gathering place or romantic enclave. If you enjoy outdoor cooking and entertaining, you should consider taking it to the next level and put in an outdoor kitchen. Whether you just want to spend more time outdoors or entertain friends and family, building an outdoor kitchen is a great way to enhance your outdoor experience. Here’s some great reasons to consider building an outdoor kitchen for your home.

Great Way to Entertain
The most important thing about an outdoor kitchen is its ability to bring people together. Whether it’s for family, friends or neighbors, having an outdoor kitchen makes entertaining better than ever. Everyone can come together, see what’s cooking, enjoy a beverage and socialize in the beautiful outdoors.

Adds Value to Your Home
Great investment – Outdoor kitchens are considered a luxury feature, which can make your home more marketable if you decide to sell it. When compared to other outdoor projects, such as building a garage addition, outdoor kitchens have a high rate of return on your investment. The key is to having an attractive, inviting, and well-designed space rather than one just thrown together. If your outdoor kitchen is made with quality materials and components, it will last longer and provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

Makes Cooking Easier
Cooking outside is convenient.  It prevents your home from getting filled with smoke and keeps your kitchen cool on those hot days. Cooking outside eliminates lingering odors in your house. Most outdoor kitchens include refrigerators, ice makers, side burners, and other components. Everything you need is conveniently outside, which saves you time and eliminates trips in & out of the house.


outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchen

Posted May 3, 2015

lia Lisa Maida, Designer