White & Bright Kitchens

From Traditional to Modern Designs, We Love A White Kitchen!

Timeless, clean and elegant, white & bright kitchens scream sophistication. With so many cool and warm shades of white to select from, combine and layer, the white kitchen is anything but boring.  Most importantly, creating a beautiful, bright and welcoming palette is not restricted to those of us who lean towards a more modern, minimalistic aesthetic.

Many people have concerns that a white kitchen will feel cold and uninviting.  In an area of the home that is most often the central hub for families and friends to gather, this is the last thing anyone tackling a kitchen renovation should be concerned with.

In a white kitchen it is important to create focal points and areas of interest.  This is so easy to do!  Don’t be afraid to complement your white palette with texture and pattern.  Introducing a geometric backsplash tile combined with softer more organic fabric choices in your upholstery and window treatments will instantly warm the space and create visual interest.  Add a little sparkle and highlight to the room by accenting with interesting cabinetry hardware and a few glass door cabinets to showcase special objects.  In any space, nothing will create visual drama or amp up the glamour factor more than a show-stopping light fixture.

Lastly, remember your floor and ceiling treatments.  Ground and soften the space with hardwood flooring rather than tile and consider deviating from a straight plank installation, opting for a more interesting herringbone pattern instead.  Utilizing the fifth wall and implementing ceiling treatments such as wood beams, coffers, or tin ceiling tiles is growing in popularity and an incredible way to create a sense of grandeur and luxury in your kitchen.

white kitchen space

white kitchen

POSTED: March 13, 2015

Lisa Maida, Designer