Popular Design Trends for 2015

What’s Trendy in Home designs for 2015?

With each new year comes new design trends, and while for some of us that means adding a few new touches to an existing look, for others, it means a complete overhaul of a space.

This year Georgian Custom Renovations Inc.  joined over 300 exhibitors at the Toronto Interior Design Show.  The show was a great place to see what popular trends are lurking on the home-décor horizon this year.  Showcased in hundred of booths were the newest styles and latest gadgets.

Popular at the show this year were retro kitchens and appliances.  Retro kitchen designs are represented by simply cosy cabinets with elegant or vintage chairs, or modern kitchen cabinets with touches of the retro style.

purple walls kitchen  blue walls kitchen

Light fixtures; modern and abstract; using industrial materials like metals and glass to bring lighting into the twenty first century.

hanging lights

The newest trend in fireplace design is suspending them from the ceiling. Mount one on the wall or hang it from the ceiling — a suspended fireplace is guaranteed to add a level of sophistication to a home.

fireplace  fireplaces

Bathroom sinks are being fabricated out of beautiful, sustainable, long-lasting wood.

wood pedestal sink  modern pedestal sink

To learn more about popular design trends for 2015 please watch our seminar on our home page.

POSTED: February 26, 2015

Lisa Maida, Designer